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Inspection & GA1 Certification

Chain and Rope and Hoistech offer a mobile inspection and GA1 certification service or you can simply drop in your equipment and book in for inspection. Using our 16 mobile service teams we increase the speed and efficiency of routine lifting gear inspections by carrying out the inspection work at our customer’s premises. Simply contact our service division and schedule an appointment. All our service units are equipped with tracking devices which allows us to pinpoint their location and often times we will have a service technician within a range of customers.


Due to the dangers associated with lifting gear and height safety equipment, it is essential that all equipment be maintained in excellent working condition. There is significant legislation governing this area of our business, designed to keep users and the general public safe from avoidable accidents.


When our service technician comes to the site they are equipped with a handheld device which allows the service technician to begin inspecting and certifying the relevant equipment. Using the handheld system certs are generated immediately and made available online to the customer. This greatly speeds up the inspection and GA1 certification process as there is no delay in paperwork processing etc. For more information on how this technology assists Chain and Rope and Hoistech in streamlining our inspection process watch our video.


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Chain & Rope and Hoistech’s mobile service technicians are all fully trained, certified and independently accredited by Lloyds to carry out inspection and certification work of lifting gear and height safety equipment. Our highly qualified technicians routinely inspect and certify chain slings, webslings, shackles, wire ropes, winch ropes, height safety harnesses, lanyards, fall arrest blocks, inertia reels, pallet trucks, forklifts, excavators, mewps, telescopic handlers, truck-mounted cranes, gantry cranes etc.

In addition to inspecting and certifying the lifting gear, our technicians are also able to offer a mobile repair service where we can carry out repairs to a wide range of lifting equipment at your works to minimise downtime.


For more information about our mobile inspection and GA1 certification services please contact our service department.


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