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The humble gin block or gin wheel as it is otherwise known is one of the simplest rigging and hoisting supply tools. Variations of the gin wheel have been used for generations in some form or other. Today the gin wheel or gin block is used by farmers, window cleaners, builders, DIY enthusiasts and even children in tree houses.

Gin blocks or gin wheels work in a very simple way. Secure the gin wheel to an elevated point using the green shackle at the top. Gin wheels are often secured on the side of scaffolding for example. Then pass a rope through the wheel. Blue polypropylene rope is most commonly used for this task. Make sure the rope is long enough to touch the ground, come through the gin wheel and touch the ground on the other side. Tie one end of the rope onto the load to be lifted, for example a bucket of water. Now somebody standing on the ground can pull the other end of the rope and hoist the bucket of water up.

The gin wheel which Chain and Rope Suppliers stocks are a Green Painted Gin Block with an S.W.L of 250kg.

For more information on Chain and Rope Suppliers full range of gin blocks contact us using our contact form or call us on 00353 1 457 0021. We will be happy to talk with you.


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