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Ferrules are a collar made from aluminium, copper or stainless steel. They are used when making an eye in a wire rope as an alternative to wire rope grips or bulldog grips. Ferrules are wire rope size specific. Select the appropriate ferrule for the wire rope being crimped and pass one end of the wire rope through the ferrule. Make the eye by looping the rope and passing the end of the rope (tail) back through the ferrule. The eye size can be varied by moving the ferrule up and down the rope. To secure the ferrule it needs to be crimped or swaged using a hydraulic crimping or swaging tool. Chain and Rope Suppliers have a 500T hydraulic swage tool as well as two 25t machines. When swaging a ferrule onto a wire rope it is important that the tail does not get sucked back through the ferrule due to the pressure involved. A properly swaged wire rope ferrule will have a short tail visible protruding from the ferrule. It is also important during the swaging process to observe how the ferrule produces “wings” when it is crimped. These “wings” are the excess material being forced out of the ferrule. Wire rope ferrule wings are very sharp and must be removed by filing before the rope can be considered finished.


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