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Wire Rope Components

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In order to realise the full benefit and versatility of wire rope it is necessary to use an array of wire rope components. In general there are two main categories for wire rope components these are commercial grade wire rope components and tested wire rope components. Commercial grade wire rope components are sufficient for general applications like tensioning ball stop netting etc. where the loads involved are minimal and the wire rope components are not being used for lifting purpose. Tested wire rope components on the other hand are those suitable for lifting and will carry a certificate to say so. Wire rope components include items like bottle screws, wire rope tensioners, catenary wire turnbuckles, stay wire bull dog grips, wire rope grips, copper ferrules, gripples, aluminium ferrules, zinc plated ferrules, eyebolts, eyenuts, long shank eyebolts, sheaves, and blocks. These are available in a variety of finishes including stainless steel, zinc plated and galvanised. Chain and Rope Suppliers carry a complete stock of wire rope components in both the commercial and tested range.


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