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Chain and Rope Suppliers Ltd is one of Ireland’s largest stockists of tie down and load securement products. Not only do we stock all the standard sizes of tie-down ratchet strap assemblies but we also have the skills and expertise to manufacture a tailor-made solution to your tie-down requirements. All our ratchets and straps are manufactured and marked in accordance with EN 12195-2


Ratchets and straps are also known as tie-down straps, tie-down belts, bale straps, ratchets, straps, cargo lashings to name a few. Ratchet straps are manufactured by stitching a hook onto a length of tie down webbing. Another shorter hook and web is stitched on to a ratchet handle assembly the long strap is passed over the load to be secured and hooked to something solid generally the body of the truck or trailer. The blank end of the strap is fed through the ratchet handle which is then hooked to the other side of the truck or trailer. The excess slack is removed from the strap by hand. The handle on the ratchet piece is then cranked and using the mechanical advantage of the handle the strap tightens in the load securing it to the trailer. Only when the ratchet brake is disengaged will the ratchet and strap loosen allowing the load to move.


25mm webbing used to tie downlight loads, 25mm tie-down straps are made using 1500kg webbing. This gives them a lashing capacity (L.C) of 500daN and a standard tension force (STF) of 50daN. The most common length is 5m. 


35mm webbing used to tie down medium loads, usually used on jeeps and trailers or for securing the contents of vans and lorries. Commonly requested in 4meter and 5-meter lengths they are suitable for tie-down of a variety of loads35mm tie-down straps are made using 3.5t webbing. This gives them a lashing capacity (L.C) of 1,100daN and a standard tension force (STF) of 110daN. 


50mm webbing is our most popular size for the haulage and agriculture sector. Truck operators generally choose the 8meter option as it allows them to secure most loads on a standard with trailer. Farmers generally prefer 10 meters or even 12-meter straps for transporting round bales of hay or straw. If a farmer is drawing big square bales three high, a 14meter strap is often required. 50mm tie-down straps are made using 6t webbing. This gives them a lashing capacity (L.C) of 2500daN and a standard tension force (STF) of 200daN. These straps will fit in the plastic strap protectors or a polyester sleeve type protector can be manufactured upon request.


75mm webbing is the largest webbing available; it has a lashing capacity of (L.C) of 3500daN and a tie-down capacity of 350daN. Ratchets and straps made from 75mm webbing are used in the heaviest of applications. 75MM webbing can be fitted to underbody winches which Chain and Rope Suppliers can also supply.


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