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Certified anti slip matting

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Chain and Rope Suppliers is stockist of a selection of certified anti-slip matting for use in the securement of loads. We carry the full range of Rubbertech anti-slip matting. Rubbertech anti-slip matting is made from recycled rubber and is used in a range of transport applications. The anti slip matting has a known and certified coefficient of friction in accordance with tie down standard EN: 12195. The anti slip matting when placed between the load and the bed of the trailer greatly increases the friction. For example on a conventional timber trailer with a 1 ton pallet and no anti slip matting the co efficient of friction (how difficult it is for the pallet to move along the trailer) is approximately 0.3. To secure this pallet in accordance with EN:12195 using 50mm 2000daN lashing capacity, 200daN standard tension force ratchet straps would require 7 ratchet straps in frictional lashing configuration. By comparison if some certified anti slip matting were to be added with a coefficient of friction of 0.6, the same load could be safely secured using only 2 ratchets and straps.


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By increasing the friction coefficient between the load and bed you are increasing the loads resistance to slide. This makes the load easier to secure with fewer lashings. Rubbertech have 3 certified anti slip mat types available with a known co efficient of friction. These are Rubbertech “Special”, Rubbertech “Protect” and Rubbertech “Secure”. These anti slip transport mats are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses including 1m x 1.25m mats, 1m x 100mm strips and 100mm x 100mm pads.


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