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Electric Chain Hoist (fixed)

Image of Electric chain hoist (fixed)
  • Sold with eyebolt suspension
  • More than 150 standard executions - 1 or 2 lifting speeds
  • Capacities from 125 up to 4000 kgs.
  • FEM (ISO) : 2M(M5)
  • Standard hook runs 3 mts. (different lengths on request)
  • High-strength steel rod chain 80kg/mm²
  • Noise level less than 85 dB (A)
  • Epicyclic crown wheel reduction gear and self-braking electrical motor with conical brake that ensures efficient braking action.
  • Motor protection IP55, insulation class “F”
  • Supply voltage : 400V- 3 phase - 50 Hz.
  • Low voltage controls 48V
  • Single chain fall (up to 2000 kgs.) with clutch device, dual chain falls (up to 4000 kgs.) with electromechanical overload device and raise/lower limit switches


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