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Personnel Tripod

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The personnel tripod is ideal for confined space working; it has a fully adjustable height range from 130cm to 230cm. Its lightweight aluminium construction makes Chain and Ropes Supplier’s personnel tripod very portable and easy to handle. The tripod collapses and can be carried by one person. The personnel tripod is designed so it can be used with a fall arrest/ retrieval block or a rescue winch. The winch or block is attached to one leg of the tripod using a bracket system. The cable is fed to the top of the tripod and through a pulley system where it can then me lowered down and connected to the users harness.

When using a personnel winch for man riding applications whether in confined space or not it is important to use a rescue harness. A rescue harness has an additional attachment point at the rear which allows the user to be hoisted in or out of a confined space. In general a rescue harness would not be used with a conventional shock absorber lanyard or restraint lanyard. Personnel tripods are fully certified in accordance with EN: 795 and like all PPE requires a 6 monthly inspection for recertification. Chain and Rope Suppliers offers a recertification service at our Dublin premises or can perform inspection on site with one of our mobile service units.

In addition to our personnel tripod used for confined space and inspection work, Chain and Rope Suppliers also offer a light weight tripod for lifting goods. This is most often used for raising and lowering pumps into and out of man holes.


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