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Galvanised Chains

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Chain and Rope Suppliers carry a range of galvanised chains to various standards. Galvanised chain can be either coated galvanise chain or hot dipped galvanised. There are two main types of galvanised chain. Long ling galvanised chain and short link galvanised chain. Long link galvanised chain’s uses  include mooring chain, security chain, car park chain, barrier chain, playground chain etc. long ling galv chain is often preferred as due to its long link it is easier to find components like shackles, carbine clips, connectors, s-hooks and pad locks to fit the link. Short link galvanised chain has similar applications to long link galvanised chain. Short link galvanised chain is however a more popular choice for use on swing sets etc. in children’s playgrounds as the short links are less likely to fit a child’s finger in them. Our long and short link chains are available in several finishes including zinc plated chain, self-coloured chain, stainless steel chain and lubricated chain.


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Long link galvanised chain

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