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Chain and rope carry a range of commercial chains available both in bulk and shorter reeled quantities. We can offer several different finishes as well as plastic chains.


Zinc plated chain has moderate corrosion resistance and can be easily cut with snips. Zinc plated Chain is primarily used for hanging signs and lights. 

Our plastic chain is usually a long link and made of nylon or HDPE. We generally stock red plastic chain, white plastic chain, black plastic chain, red and white plastic chain, yellow plastic chain. Plastic chain is used to divide car parks, mark walkways, hang signs, direct pedestrian traffic. Our plastic chain comes on reels of 25 meters but larger reels are available. Its is important when buying plastic chain to mention whether it is being used indoors or outdoors as a plastic chain designed for indoor use is not UV stable and will fade and degrade in sunlight. 


All our commercial miscellaneous chain does not have a recommended working load. It is important to note that none of our commercial miscellaneous chains are load-tested. These chains are suitable for many applications from hanging signs and lights to connecting boat anchors. None of the commercial miscellaneous chains are intended for using with hoists, lifting or for towing and should not be used for those purposes.


When coupled with our range of carbine hooks and shackles this selection of chains become extremely versatile.


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Zinc Plated Straight Chain with Reel

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Black Plated Chain

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