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Chain Identification Tags

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Chain & Rope Ireland are Ireland's leading manufacturer of chain slings. Chain identification tags are a necessity for lifting chain slings. Lifting equipment and height safety equipment in Ireland and other parts of the globe are subject to mandatory periodic thorough examinations to ensure that lifting equipment is still in good order and therefore still safe to be used. For lifting gear, the inspection period is six (6) or twelve (12) monthly dependant on the type of equipment. Thre are bi-annual inspections for lifting equipment accessories and annual inspections for lifting machines. 


With that in mind, chain identification tags are of utmost importance as it allows for those qualified to do the inspection to keep track of the history of the chain sling. 


Whats stamped onto the chain sling: 

  • A Serial number unique to your chain sling. We keep track of all of our products in an online manufacturing log. This log is then exported daily to our CoreRFID OK system.
  • The diameter of the chain
  • The number of legs
  • Length of the chain
  • The date of manufacture
  • The capacity of the chain sling: Drop chain (0°-45°), 2-4 legs (0°-45° & 45°-60°) 

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