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As the name suggests Chain and Rope Suppliers Ltd are the go to people for all types of chain components, accessories and products. We stock thousands of meters of chains of every class and configuration. Our range of stock chains include Thiele grade 80 lifting chains, tie down chain, short link galvanised chain, long link galvanised chain, decorative chain, barrier chain, calibrated chain, mining chain, stainless steel chain, galvanised pump chain, security chain, un cut able chain, stainless steel pump chain, mooring chain, zinc plated chain, anodised chain, passivized chain, hoist chain, hand chain, knotted chain, twisted link chain, painted chain, plastic chain, conveyor chain, scraper chain, dung spreader chain, skip chain, drop chain, chain assemblies, tow chain, oval link chain and jack chain.


Not only do we stock Ireland’s broadest range of chains but we also carry a full range of chain components and other hoist equipment supplies to make your chain purchasing process as simple as possible. Our range of chain accessories include bow shackles, dee shackles, pilling shackles, stainless steel shackles, commercial shackles, connector links, master rings, grab hooks, safety hooks, sling hooks, forestry hooks, zinc plated carbine hooks, stainless steel carbine hooks, eye bolts, eyenuts, stainless steel eyebolts, lever hoists, chain blocks, block and tackle and ratchet load binders.


Grade 80 Alloy Chain

Read more details about our Grade 80 Alloy Chain

Grade 80 Lifting Chain Sling

Read more details about our Grade 80 Lifting Chain Sling

Tie down Chains

Read more details about our Tie down Chains

Chain Components

Read more details about our Chain Components

Chains Miscellaneous

Read more details about our Chains Miscellaneous

Galvanised Chains

Read more details about our Galvanised Chains

Stainless Steel Chains

Read more details about our Stainless Steel Chains

Security Chain and Padlocks

Read more details about our Security Chain and Padlocks

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