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Chain and Rope Ireland have a wide range of slings to choose from. These slings can be hired out from our hiring lifting equipment fleet. Slings such as: chain slings, web slings, wire rope slings. 


Due to recent changes in load securement and tie down legislation Grade 80 chains now must be used to secure loads in compliance with EN:12195-3. Chain and Rope Suppliers Ltd can offer several hook and end fitting options for tie down chain. Our grade 80 chain slings are also a first choice for the security industry who wants a tough chain which will resist cutting with bolt cutters we can also make a protective sleeve for our grade 80 chains to protect it from the environment.


Web slings are often used where chains may be too bulky for the lifting applicationThey are extremely versatile as they can be used in various configurations including vertical lift, choke lift and a basket lift. The lifting capacity of the websling will change depending on the configuration for example a vertical lift has a s.w.l (safe working load) of 1 times the S.W.L. A choke has an S.W.L of 0.8 times the S.W.L and a zero degree basket has an S.W.L of 2 times the S.W.L.


All our webslings come with a certificate of conformity detailing their safe working load.


The standard webslings we can offer are 1tonne to12 tonne. As standard these polyester webslings come in lengths of 1meter to 6 meter. However Chain and Rope Suppliers have the skills and expertise to manufacturer webslings with specific requirements in mind.


The colours are as follows:

  •  Purple = 1T
  • Green = 2T
  • Yellow = 3T
  • Grey = 4T
  • Red = 5T
  • Brown = 6T
  • Blue = 8T
  • Orange = 10T
  • Orange = 12T 

Wire rope slings are used in rigging applications where grade 80 chain slings and polyester webslings are not suitable. Wire rope slings have a massive range of work due to the fact that an experienced wire rope sling manufacturer like Chain and Rope Suppliers can tailor a sling to your exact requirements using various splicing techniques and wire terminations. Chain and Rope Suppliers can offer several splicing options one such option uses bulldog grips or wire rope grips to form eyes and wire rope terminations. Bull dog grips allow the customer to readjust and modify their wire rope sling as and when necessary. Alternatively Chain and Rope Suppliers have a 500tonne hydraulic swager which uses its pressure and calibrated dies to swage aluminium ferrules, copper ferrules and zinc plated ferrules onto wire rope.



For more information about our grade 80 chain slings or other hoist equipment supplies please contact us on our contact page or call us on: (01) 457 0021

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