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Wire Rope Hoist

Product - Wire Rope Hoist FileOften known as a Tirfor, a wire rope hoist is a versatile piece of rigging equipment designed specifically as a lifting and pulling machine, wire rope hoists or Tirfors are available with various lengths of rope however the standard length is 20m with a hook swaged on one end. 


Chain and rope suppliers stock the full range of wire rope hoists and accessories. A wire rope hoist or Tirfor works by feeding the wire rope of a very specific diameter through the machine. The wire rope passes through a set of jaws which grip the wire rope and pull on it when the wire rope hoist handle is moved. It is because of the fine tolerance between the gripping jaws on the wire rope hoist that the rope being used is so specific. The wire used in a wire rope hoist is a very stiff construction and won’t deform when the jaws grip it. Conventional engineering rope such as 6x19 steel core galvanise wire rope is not suitable for use in a wire rope hoist or Tirfor.



By moving the handle on the wire rope hoist or Tirfor, the wire is pulled through the machine resulting in a movement of whatever is connected to the wire rope hoist. The wire rope hoist or Tirfor is usually anchored to something secure using either a bow shackle or a websling


The wire rope hoists or Tirfors which Chain and Rope Suppliers stock are all certified safe for lifting and pulling. As an added safety feature Chain and Rope Supplier's wire rope hoists have an overload mechanism built into the mechanism. Which means that if a load 25% greater than the safe working load of the wire rope hoist is felt, a safety pin (shear pin) will break, preventing the operator from using the wire rope hoist or Tirfor from lifting too large a load. This pin breaking will not cause the wire rope hoist to drop its load and is easily replaced.

Wire rope hoists or Tirfors have a vast range of applications. They are used in all kinds of construction projects, for moving heavy loads in confined spaces, or even for winching a stuck vehicle. Wire rope hoists can even be paired with snatch blocks and pulley blocks to increase the capacity further. The list goes on. Wire rope hoists are often used as a substitute for chain blocks, lever hoists, and a block and tackle for a wide range of rigging and hoisting jobs.


Chain and Rope Suppliers also have a hire fleet of wire rope hoists, for those customers who have a one time need. On occasion, we even have used and second-hand wire rope hoists or Tirfors for sale.


For more information on Chain and Rope Suppliers, full range wire rope hoists contact us using our contact form or call us on 00353 1 457 0021. We will be happy to talk to you.


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