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Lever Hoist

Media Library - Lever Hoist RentalChain and Rope Suppliers Ltd have a wide range of lever hoists available to rent. Lever hoists such as Thiele, Yale, and TTC. 


Used in similar scenarios to a block and tackle/ chain hoist lever hoists are an extremely versatile piece of equipment. Also known as a pull lift, they are used on shorter lifts and always where the operator will be at hoist height. Instead of a continuous length of hand chain to drive the hoisting mechanism, a lever hoist has a hand crank or lever. This means that the operator must be on the same level and beside the hoist to use it.


 Lever hoists translate the cranking motion of the lever into the lifting of a heavy load at the hook. They come equipped with a length of lift chain and a swivel hook complete with a safety clasp. The top end of the hoist is equipped with a swivel hook also which is usually attached to a shackle, beam clamp, push trolley etc.


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