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Thiele Grade 80 chain Sling

Chain and Rope Suppliers are the appointed Irish distributer and agent for the Thiele range of lifting products for over 20 years. Thiele is a German manufacturer based in Iserlohn, with a reputation of excellence spanning over 75 years. Grade 80 chain is used in a number of applications. Grade 80 chain is most commonly used for lifting in chain sling configurations where it has a safety factor of 4:1. Grade 80 chain slings are often assembled with a hook and oversized ring so it can be used as a tow chain. Due to recent changes in load securement and tie down legislation Grade 80 chains now must be used to secure loads in compliance with EN:12195-3. Chain and Rope Suppliers Ltd can offer several hook and end fitting options for tie down chain. Our grade 80 chain slings are also a first choice for the security industry who wants a tough chain which will resist cutting with bolt cutters we can also make a protective sleeve for our grade 80 chains to protect it from the environment.


 We carry the grade 80 components and grade 80 chain in stock to make any grade 80 chain sling required whether it is a single leg 1 meter drop chain for a mini digger or a 10 meter four leg assembly for a mobile crane we can manufacture a chain sling to your specific requirements. As Chain and Rope Suppliers are selling a premium brand chain sling system like Thiele we know it is important to offer our customers piece of mind and assurances so they can be confident in the grade 80 chain sling they are using. It is because of this that Chain and Rope Suppliers Ltd have implemented a strict quality programme and are able to trace each individual component of a chain sling including the chain itself right back to source. At a moment’s notice we can tell which of our team members handled the components, assembled the sling etc. We even go a step further and can tell you when, by whom and using what raw materials all of the components and chain were cast.  Our most popular chain sling sizes for lifting are 7mm, 10mm, 13mm and 16mm. The range of end fittings, hooks and rings available for Thiele grade 80 chain slings is quite extensive, including Grade 80 safety hooks, Grade 80 sling hooks, Grade 80 grab hooks, Grade 80 master rings, Grade 80 connectors, Grade 80 c hooks, Grade 80 weld on hooks, Grade 80 weld on transport rings, Grade 80 latch lock hooks, Grade 80 swivel sling hooks, Grade 80 swivel safety hooks, Grade 80 load positioning hooks, Grade 80 hamlocks, Grade 80 forestry hooks.


For more information about our grade 80 chain slings or other hoist equipment supplies please contact us on our contact page or call us on: (01) 457 0021


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