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Load Securement Calculation & Inspection

Written on 21st April 2020 by Ben Kelly

Calculation & Inspection


Chain and Rope Suppliers have gone to great lengths to ensure that we are fully trained and competent in the manufacture sale and supply of load securement lashings in compliance with EN:12195. Recent changes in the EU directives pertaining to load securement have meant that we have had to completely overhaul our approach to load securement. We now manufacture, test and label all our own ratchet straps and cargo lashings. All our tie-down chains and ratchet load binders are all clearly tagged and in compliance with EN:12195-3 including retaining pins and full traceability. We are also stockists of certified friction rubber matting from Rubbertech which is becoming ever important in load securement. Chain and Rope Suppliers has upskilled its sales team to be trained and certified by the IRU academy (International Road Transport Union) in safe loading and cargo securing which gives us the ability to advise you how best to secure your load in compliance with EN:12195. Our sales team is also equipped with a load securing calculator which allows us to input your load data such as trailer floor type, lashing angle, weight, friction etc and determine the correct number and type of lashing for your load.


When using tie-down materials like a tie-down chain and ratchet straps it is important to calculate the load properly and be aware of the capacities of the lashing equipment. Calculations are based on the EN: 12195 standards.


Media Library - Load Securement Example


Lashing Capacity (LC)

  1. Measured in daN (Deca Newton) 1daN = 1Kg
  2. States the tying capacity of the lashing in a diagonal configuration e.g. a chain from the trailer tie-down point to the lashing eye on the load.
  3. In the case of grade 80 tie-down chains, the LC is 50% of the minimum breaking load (M.B.L) or twice the safe lifting load

Standard Tension Force (STF)

  1. Measured in daN (ratchet straps) or kN (Chains)
  2. States the tying capacity of the lashing in a frictional configuration e.g from one side of the trailer, over the load and onto the other side of the trailer

Standard Hand Force (SHF)

  1. Measured in daN.
  2. States the force to be exerted on the ratchet piece to achieve LC and STF

As well as understanding the calculations behind your load securing equipment, continual periodic certification of lifting equipment is essential to ensure the smooth and safe running of an operation. Having equipment regularly certified is not only crucial from a safety perspective but also from the viewpoint of cost, catching a fault before it becomes an expensive breakdown or indeed a catastrophic failure. Hoistech is chain and Rope's sister company and At Hoistech we offer a full inspection and certification service of all lifting gear, materials handling equipment, construction plant and height safety equipment.

 Working in accordance with Statutory Legislation S.I. No. 299 of 2007 to ensure all equipment is in safe working order. Our inspection and certification team have developed a vigorous inspection and testing process to ensure anything that we certify exceeds the minimum requirement prescribed by legislation. We at Hoistech operate eight mobile inspection and testing units that operate nationwide.


Inspection reports are available almost instantly to the client thanks to the CoreRFID "Checked Ok" system. Our Service Engineers are equipped with handheld devices that are linked to CoreRFID "Checked OK" which enables them to inspect and instantly upload a cert online. This allows our customers access to their required documentation 24/7. Hoistech carries a full range of replacement parts for damaged lifting gear at our premise in Clondalkin. Our Service Engineers will carry out repairs on-site or in house depending on your requirements.


Six monthly periodic inspections of lifting gear and materials handling equipment are mandatory by a deemed competent body.



If you have any questions surrounding load securement and tie down options please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, we will be happy to discuss your options in connection with new policy changes. Visit our contact page or call us on (01) 457 0021


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