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Testing of Web Slings We've Produced

Written on 2nd May 2019 by Ben Kelly

Destruction Testing of our Web Slings 

We manufacture our very own web slings. Safety is paramount and destruction testing of our products occurs on a daily basis. Chain and Rope are the only company to batch test our products to guarantee that the product that you're buying is at the highest quality and standard possible. 


Web Sling testing is paramount for the safety of the customer who is buying the product. Our web slings are often used where chains may be too bulky for the lifting applicationThey are extremely versatile as they can be used in various configurations including vertical lift, choke lift and a basket lift. The lifting capacity of the websling will change depending on the configuration for example a vertical lift has a s.w.l (safe working load) of 1 times the S.W.L. A choke has an S.W.L of 0.8 times the S.W.L and a zero degree basket has an S.W.L of 2 times the S.W.L.


Chain and Rope Suppliers Ltd offers for sale a full range of Polyester webslings. Webslings also known as lifting straps and lifting belts are manufactured with a built in factor of safety of 7:1, meaning the websling will not fail until a load of at least 7 times its safe working load is exerted upon it. This makes webslings a very safe way of lifting heavy objects. All our webslings come with a certificate of conformity detailing their safe working load.


Check out our video of our team testing a web sling below!


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