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Red Rooster Air Hoists, Chain Hoists, & Winches

Written on 29th July 2019 by Ben Kelly

Red Rooster Air Hoists, Chain Hoists & Winches


Chain and Rope Ireland are proud to say that we are now stocked with red rooster air hoists, chain hoists, and winches. Red Rooster are a huge company that use the latest in technology to make sure that the finished product is both innovative and up the task at hand


Chain and Rope Ireland are now stocked with a wide range of Red Roosters pneumatic air hoists. We stock Red Rooster TCR, TCR-Low Headroom, TMH, TMH-Low Headroom, TMH-Ultra Low Headroom, and TCS-Lubication free pneumatic air hoists. These air hoists would be top of the rang air hoists as these hoists are bot innovative and quality filled to complete the task at hand. These hoists are also suited for all types of industrial and marine environments. Red Rooster lifting  hoists are the perfect solution where the duty is high or where a robust hoist is required to withstand harsh conditions. 


Check out the video we've added below to see just how robust and innovative these pneumatic air hoists are! 


Chain and Rope Ireland are also stocked with a wide range of Red Rooster chain hoists. We stock a wide range of Red Rooster chain hoists including: the CB, CX, LB, and the LX series. These particular series of Red Rooster chain hoists are incredibly robust, innovative and precise. The chain hoists have been made with extreme precision meaning the product is going to perfect for doing the job at hand. Compact and light yet extremely durable this lifting hoist is built with high quality components for long life in the toughest of industry applications.


Chain and Rope Ireland also stock Red Rooster offshore OAW winch. Compact lifting and pulling offshore air winch specially designed for offshore applications or for any other hazardous environment where space is limited. The heavy duty planetary gearbox is mounted within the drum core, which both saves space and protects from any external damage. Winches designed to meet independent third party requirements such as Lloyds, ABS, etc. These standard winches can be fitted with several options and accessories. Two of the winches are man-riding prepared. 


Feel free to browse through our catalougue of Red Rooster Lifting products if you wish to purchase any of these products. Contact us via our contact page or call us on (01) 457 0021 if you have any queries. 


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