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Making of a Web Sling

Written on 9th May 2019 by Ben Kelly

Chain and Rope Suppliers LTD. The Only Company in Ireland Certified to Manufacture Web Slings


Our team of skilled workers work to perfecting the manufacturing process of a safe to use web sling. Web slings are an incredible piece of lifting equipment when made appropriately. As you can see in our previous blog, our web slings are tested on a daily basis, and a 2 tonne SWL web sling has a breaking limit of 16.88 Tonne. A 2 Tonne web sling breakling limit is set at a minimium of 14 Tonne. So you can be sure that the product you're recieving is up to standard and most importantly is safe to use. 


The web sling process begins with our manufacturer reciving a docket and label. From there he can choose the correct colour coded webbing best suited for the manufacturing process of the customers ordered web sling. The web sling is numbered accordling so we have traceable codes across all materials. From there, the web sling is measured, cut and heat sealed. Now it's time for the web sling to be stitch together. The web sling is done so on a heavy duty machine. Here the webbing is duplexed and stitched together, The eye is made and reinforced, labels stitched on, and finally the thread tails are cut off and ready to be packaged. 


The web sling is rolled up and ready to be packaged. The material codes and labels are double checked before bagging and sealing the bag for delivery. 


Check out our video below to see the full process in action!


If you would like to browse our extensive range of web slings available to purchase click here.



Chain and Rope Suppliers Ltd offers for sale a full range of Polyester webslings. Webslings also known as lifting straps and lifting belts are manufactured with a built in factor of safety of 7:1, meaning the websling will not fail until a load of at least 7 times its safe working load is exerted upon it. This makes webslings a very safe way of lifting heavy objects. All our webslings come with a certificate of conformity detailing their safe working load.


If you have any queries feel free to contact us on our contact page or call us on (01) 457 0021



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