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Written on 1st August 2019 by Ben Kelly

Ireland's Lifting Gear Specialist & Supplier of Lifting Equipment


Chain and Rope Suppliers take great pride in being Ireland’s premier lifting gear specialist and lifting equipment supplier, we are one of the longest running companies in the industry and through years of dedication and commitment to our client’s needs have earned the title of “the lifting gear specialists”.


Having served Irelands economy for well in excess of 40 years we have evolved to suit the needs of the Irish market. We have come to learn that the key things our customer’s value is our commitment to their requirements and our dedication to ensuring quality and safety are never jeopardised. Above all Chain and Rope Supplier’s clients value our unparalleled knowledge of their needs and our industry. A resource which has been nurtured from a lifetime of experience and by being surrounded by a team of likeminded professionals in the supply of lifting equipment who strive for our title lifting gear specialist.


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From a hobbyist working in their garage to a multinational embarking on large construction project, you will receive the same level of professionalism when you deal with Chain and Rope Suppliers Ltd as we strive for excellence in the lifting equipment industry.


The lifting equipment we can supply is listed above in our category menu system. We have all the lifting equipment you could ever need in completing a lifting job:


• Hoisting & Winchingchain block, beam clamp, lever hoist, wire rope hoist, plate clamp, winches, load cell, eyenut, electric chain hoist, scaffold hoist, eye type sling hook, jacks, eyebolts

Wire Ropecaternary wire rope, wire rope, balustrade, tensioner, galvanised wire rope, PVC wire rope, wire rope sling, zip line, hand crimp tools, wire rope grips, turnbuckles, sheaves, thimbles, ferrules, carbine clips, springhooks

• Chainspadlok, security chain, grade 80 alloy chain, grade 80 chain sling, tie down chains, snow chain, safety & tow chains, pump chains, chain ID tag, chain components, stainless steel chain, galvanised chain

• Webbingratchet straps, ratchet components, cam buckles, round slings, enterntainment slings, wheel straps, edge protector

• Ropeblue poly rope, manila rope, kermantle rope, bungee chord

• Lifting Shacklessafety bow shackle, bow shackle, wide jaw shackle

• Load Securementspreader beam, load binder, ratchet strap, cargo lashing point, shackle

• Height Safetylifeline, harness, lanyard, retractable block, anchor point, tripod

• Recovery & Winch

Pulley & Snatch Blockswinching block, lifting block, gin block, stainless steel pulley, galvanised malleable block

Rental Equipment: beam clamp rental, chain block rental, log splitter rental, lever hoist rental, load cell rental, push troley rental, electric hoist rental, wire rope hoist rental


We can be contacted via email, phone or better yet come in and visit us to discuss your needs. Why not fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible Contact form. The number you can reach us on is (01) 457 0021. 


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