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AlueX Spreader Beams

Written on 2nd May 2019 by Ben Kelly

Chain and Rope Suppliers LTD Agents for AlueX across Ireland.


See the video below for a clever new spreader beam. These beams are made in Finland, they are aluminum and so extremely light (10-tonne capacity weighs 45kg). As you can see from the video they adjust automatically to accommodate the width of the load and telescope in and out for the length. AlueX manufacture beams up to 50 tonnes in capacity but their most popular beam for truck-mounted cranes is their 10 tonnes + model as it fits neatly behind the headboard when retracted.


To order your very own AlueX Spreader Beam, click here


Chain and Rope Suppliers have recently become their Irish agents as we feel it is a product that fits our customer base well.


These beams are ideal for anyone operating a truck-mounted crane to lift a variety of loads. It eliminates the need for a van/trailer following the truck around carrying bulky spreaders as the AlueXbeam will accommodate a huge range of loads.



To order your very own AlueX spreader beam today please click here

If you wish to enquire about our new AlueX spreader beams, feel free to call us on (01) 457-0021 or contact us via our contact page.


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