Chain & Rope Suppliers Ltd and Hoistech Ltd. are wholly owned Irish companies, serving Irelands economy for the past thirty years, providing unequalled skills and expertise in the area of lifting gear and materials handling equipment. Our attention to detail and the resolve to provide specialist services efficiently is just part and parcel of what you come to expect when dealing with our companies.

Irelands one stop shop for Lifting Gear and Materials Handling equipment. Our sales team are committed to providing an efficient and friendly response to any enquiries you may have.

  • THIELE Lifting Chains & Mining Conveyor Chains
  • Wire Rope - Hoist and Crane Ropes
  • Web Slings - Cargo Lashings - Tie Downs
  • Electric Hoists - Manual Chain Hoists - Lever Hoists
  • Rope Hoists - Winches - Trolleys - Beam Clamps
  • Safety Harnesses - Lanyards - Fall Arrest Blocks
  • Transport Load Restraints - Binders - Chain
  • Shackles - Turnbuckles - Plate Clamps
  • Hydraulic Jacks - Mechanical Jacks
  • Safety Nets - Poly Rope
  • In House & On-Site Lifting Gear repairs
  • Stainless Steel - Wire Rope, Chains, and Fittings